1. This 4Site robot is waving at you. Hello!
  2. This 4Site robot is checking its watch. Tick tock!
  3. This 4Site robot is giving a presentation. Zzzzzz.

    We either grab a feed from the projector and mix in your slides live, or we can get copies of the presentations and add them in later when we edit the video.

  4. This 4Site robot is filming something. Voyeuristic!

    For single speakers at a podium, one camera is usually fine. For panel discussions or more complex events, we usually recommend two. If you are looking to do something really sophisticated, go with three.

  5. This 4Site robot is livestreaming out of his brain-CPU. Is there anyone out there?

    We'll webcast your event so folks that can't be there can watch. This is a great way to show your supporters and partners how savvy you are.

  6. This 4Site robot won an award. Congrats!

    All the stuff we shoot looks great, and we supplement the videos with graphics that match your branding. But if you want it to look truly awesome, we'll shoot it in 4k. We'll create custom graphics. And we'll work with you to generate social media.

  7. This 4Site robot's sending a letter. Who's he sending it to?